What We Do – Electric Wheelchair Repair and Service

No matter how well made an electric wheelchair is, at some point or another it’ll need servicing and repairs. Maybe the soft, cushy seat is no longer so soft and cushy, or an armrest is getting worn and less comfortable. Or maybe you want to upgrade your electric wheelchair in order to make it more practical for your situation. Whatever your need, at The Wheelchair Repair Company we’ve seen it before and we know just how to help you out. We’ve worked hard to become one of the most dependable resources for electric wheelchair repair and service in the country.

It’s Not Just About Wheelchair Repair

Naturally, what we do is a pretty technical and straightforward job. But we know that it’s more than that. In fact, we are very cautious about who we hire and which parts we stock so that we’re providing more than the basics. For us, customer service is really our number one job. Our customers have to be happy with each and every repair job that we complete – it’s just that simple. In order to make our customers happy, we pay attention to what they need and we provide consistent service day in and day out.

When something goes wrong with an electric wheelchair, the owner tends to be put in a pretty unfortunate position. If a scooter is your means of transportation, you know just what we’re talking about. As a result of this dynamic, we know that our customers can be pretty upset when they call and request electric wheelchair repair. In fact, we expect to take care of a lot of very unhappy clients throughout the course of every day. But because we know it’s coming, we’re ready. Our customer service representatives are trained to be patient, caring, and calm, no matter what the situation. They’ll get parts ordered and have a technician on their way to your home as soon as possible.

We’re here to take care of your electric wheelchair repair needs. But we’re also here to make sure that you don’t need our services unless absolutely necessary. That’s why we don’t just handle scooter repair, we also handle regular electric wheelchair and scooter servicing, too. Maybe you’re hearing a new noise that you’re not sure about. Or perhaps you’re thinking about having the motor looked at since it’s been a year or two since the last time you had your scooter serviced. If you have your electric wheelchair serviced before a problem becomes big, the cost will be lower and the required repairs will be less dramatic.

Available and Ready-to-Go

What we do is provide the electric wheelchair services that our clients need, when and where they need us. When you have a sudden malfunction with your electric wheelchair, you don’t want to wait for a long time on hold before you finally talk to someone. And you don’t want to wait longer than absolutely possible before a scooter repair technician is at your door. We know that and we do our best to provide fast service to our customers that need it.

Our in-home scooter and electric wheelchair repair services are available to anyone who needs a helping hand. We know how inconvenient it would be to have to travel to get your electric wheelchair repaired. How are you going to get there with a scooter that’s not even working properly?

So call us today and find out more about our electric wheelchair repair and services. We’ll be there to help you out. After all, that’s what we do.